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At A Modern Way to Work we believe that what you do on the inside matters.

Your employees are human and being human can be complicated; being humans together can be extra complicated. We believe it’s the small, day-to-day, improvements in workplace human interaction that create lasting change, drive positive cultures and set up your business to solve any challenge.

We work with you to ensure the human interactions in your workplace drive your business forward; in a way that wins you more customers, makes you more money and helps you do more of what it is that you want to do in the world.

Our Services

  • Culture - Employee Experience & Engagement
    The experience that you create for your employees is the one they will recreate for your clients and customers. Employee experiences and culture live with peoples’ direct managers and are created one small interaction at a time, whether it’s through your onboarding, performance feedback processes, team meetings, or employee 1:1’s. We work with organizations to design elements of the employee experience that will have the biggest impact on their bottom line. We focus on employee engagement not happiness because when you capture engagement, it’s unwavering. We design employee experiences based on your core values and the elements of engagement that drive all other business metrics.
  • Leadership and Management Development
    There is no greater influence on someone’s working life than their manager. The human interactions that matter the most in the workplace are the ones an employee has with their direct supervisor. However, most managers have never received any formal training or guidance about the mindsets and tools they need to have in order to achieve impact through others. We work with individuals and organizations to develop the capabilities of their people managers. Overall organizational performance skyrockets when each individual manager feels confident in their ability to lead.
  • High-Performance Teams
    You’ve hired a bunch of really smart people, and now you need them to work together effectively in order to get stuff done. We’ll help your team learn how to translate their differences into thorough and efficient decision making. Our process for building high performing teams begins with developing self-awareness in each individual member. We then bring the group together to learn the basic skills needed on every team to achieve high performance. We’ll send you back into the workplace to practice and check-in with you on a regular basis, ensuring that the group is continually improving how they work together.
  • HR Basics
    You aren’t big enough to need an HR person full-time, but want some help making sure you’ve got the basics covered. We’ll help you do things like audit and update your employee handbooks and policies, plan for terminations, or just be on-call if there’s an issue you need to talk through. Knowing you have a smart, committed team on hand allows you to worry less about the basics and focus more on your business.
  • HR Start-up Support
    You’re building your business from the ground up and don't know what you don't know when it comes to HR. There can be an overwhelming amount of legislation to interpret and apply. Rely on us to get the people side of your business up-and running. We'll help you handle anything from selecting payroll software, to crafting your desired workplace culture and everything in between. Need support finding the right people to hire? We can help with that too. Our talented team specializes in getting small-medium business start-ups running from a people perspective.

Our Partners

  • Legal
    The best HR people know they aren’t lawyers, and can quickly identify when you need one involved in the discussion. We’ve been working with Steve Williams at Emond Harnden for over a decade and he’s our employment lawyer of choice. We love working with Steve because he’s able to quickly understand our client scenarios and provide flexible and fair, business-focused advice. While we hope you don’t need to meet Steve, we promise that if you do you’ll be delighted.